11 September

The iLoan Lock and Shop Program

Many buyers are concerned about rising mortgage rates and the implications on their plan to buy a home or sell their home and then buy another home.  The frequent question is, “Can I lock in my interest rate before I find my home?”  Typically one can’t do this until they have a fully executed purchase […]

5 May

Tell a Veteran to Miss a Payment to Qualify for a Short Sale and You May be Up Against the CFPB

Statistically, over half of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaints to the Office of Servicemember Affairs (OSA) have to do with mortgages.  Of these, 58 percent of them had to do with loan modification, mortgage collection practices or foreclosure . . . and yes . . . short sales would fall under this category.  […]

26 December

iLoan Puts its Money Where its Mouth is for Veterans Using VA Loans

For a long time, we’ve been trying to figure out what we can do for our VA clients besides being highly trained, offering superior interest rates, and providing high-touch service.  We had talked about doing something more for some time now and finally thought we should get off our laurels and get ‘er done. For […]

25 July

General Information on FHA VA and Conventional Mortgages

This podcast of the Twin Cities Real Estate Radio Show covers general pro and con information on different loan types such as conventional, FHA and VA. Adam Duckwall Your St. Paul Digs Agent The Home Buyers Scouting Report® is provided directly to the buyer by HBM II, a licensed national real estate brokerage service company, […]

7 April

Buying a Home After a Short Sale using a VA Mortgage

I have had a lot of people ask me about how to buy a home after a short sale using FHA financing but it’s becoming more and more common that people are considering buying a home after a short sale using financing insured by the Veteran’s Administration.  These guidelines use to be murky but the […]

2 November

Waiting Periods on Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sales for Mortgages

Since late 2007 and the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN started we’ve had many “inquiries” from prospective MN & WI buyers who’ve wanted to get into a new home or BACKinto home ownership.  The last couple years have been hard on many people even though the Federal Government says that the recession is behind us.  People have had […]

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