11 September

The iLoan Lock and Shop Program

Many buyers are concerned about rising mortgage rates and the implications on their plan to buy a home or sell their home and then buy another home.  The frequent question is, “Can I lock in my interest rate before I find my home?”  Typically one can’t do this until they have a fully executed purchase […]

27 August

New Rules: If You Want an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) You Better Have Cash

Rest assured, if homebuyers or Realtors think they may have a good idea for a low down payment purchase loan program, they needn’t bother thinking since Fannie Mae has decided to make that executive decision on their behalf.  As of October 20th, the new choice will be between a fixed rate mortgage, fixed rate mortgage […]

13 March

How to Choose and Calculate Your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Saving an eighth of a percent on interest rate can save a little on your monthly payment and shopping around on closing costs can save a little on your down payment but perhaps the most overlooked and costly mistake when buying a home is not choosing the right mortgage insurance if the down payment is […]

16 June

Seller Contributions Towards Closing Costs on a Home Purchase

Doesn’t the Seller Pay for All of Our Closing Costs? We all have to remind buyers that they are responsible to pay the required down payment percentage (3.5% for FHA or 3-10% etc for Conventional) AND their closing costs/pre-paids too. Even if you stipulate that the sellers contribute towards “closing costs and pre-paids” in the […]

5 June

The Statistical Relevancy of the 7/1 ARM vs. the 30 Year Fixed

Each person’s personal circumstances and long term objectives determine the type of mortgage they choose. For the past couple of years, the clear favorite has been the 30 year fixed rate mortgage because the yield curve between short term and long term bonds has been flat.  When this happens, there is very little difference in the […]

24 March

What are extenuating circumstances?

Many people trying to buy a home after a short sale find it difficult to navigate through loan programs that they may be eligible for and various waiting periods that may be applicable.  If late payments occur, most people are told that the waiting period for buying a home after a short sale is 3 […]

27 November

Fannie Mae Guideline Changes – Gifts, 97% Financing and Mortgage Insurance

There has been some recent excitement about Fannie Mae (FNMA) changing her guidelines on down payments and allowing gift funds as an acceptable form of down payment in lieu of a borrower’s own funds. Before we all get excited about FNMA getting a little FHA in her with respect to gift funds, we need to […]

2 November

Waiting Periods on Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sales for Mortgages

Since late 2007 and the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN started we’ve had many “inquiries” from prospective MN & WI buyers who’ve wanted to get into a new home or BACKinto home ownership.  The last couple years have been hard on many people even though the Federal Government says that the recession is behind us.  People have had […]

2 November

FHA vs. Fannie Flex 97 for Low Down Payment Buyers

For those of you who are such industry dinosaurs that you remember how to do a FLEX 97 loan with Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI), you’re in luck because, aside from 95% conventional with single premium financed mortgage insurance (SPMI), the time has come where this is the best high loan-to-value product for purchases. Soon, […]

29 May

Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance – It Doesn’t Make Any Sense. . .

It is inevitable that FHA will play less and less of a role in the lending market. As this unfolds, it’s critical for loan officers, Realtors and borrowers alike to understand the many options in the improving private mortgage insurance market. In the distant days when home values were increasing, it made perfect sense for […]

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