11 September

The iLoan Lock and Shop Program

Many buyers are concerned about rising mortgage rates and the implications on their plan to buy a home or sell their home and then buy another home.  The frequent question is, “Can I lock in my interest rate before I find my home?”  Typically one can’t do this until they have a fully executed purchase […]

22 August

Down Payment Assistance Programs in MN

Deb Muelken (NMLS ID 364933) of iLoan (NMLS ID 4474) outlines the various options for down payment assistance to use with mortgages in Minnesota on the Twin Cities Real Estate Radio Show.  For more information on how these programs might be of help to you, contact Deb at 651.353.8531 or by emailing her at deb@iloanhomemortgage.com! […]

21 August

Fannie Mae Increases Down Payments on MyCommunity® and Standard Loans

In another backward-thinking move, Fannie Mae has very subtly announced that they will be increasing their down payment requirements by decreasing their maximum Loan to Value Ratios for MyCommunity® mortgages and for standard mortgages on 1-unit primary residences effective on or after the weekend of November 16, 2013.  The previous allowed down payments were at […]

10 July

Planning Your Home Purchase With a Mortgage Recast

Often times, seemingly in a fantasyland, home buyers might want to buy their new home first non-contingent on a home sale and sell their retained home shortly after moving into their new one without a financial inconvenience.  They might want to do this to get a better price due to negotiating from a position of […]

3 May

The Only 10 Reasons a Lender Needs Tax Returns for a Fannie Mae Mortgage

Giving a pound of flesh in income and asset documentation has become the norm but it’s likely that unjustified lender paranoia has led them to ask for a bit too much of their clients.  My recent rant on this issue concerned verifying large, non-payroll deposits but now my rage has turned to the simple request […]

28 April

Different Mortgage Types and What They Mean to Buyers and Sellers in a Competitive Market

This podcast outlines the differences between Minnesota mortgage pre-approvals and how they affect purchase transactions.  Homebuyers and home sellers can learn the risks and benefits of each different type and how they relate to their transaction.  This is essential information for understanding the implications of your choice on loan type for your purchase in a […]

15 April

A Permanent Extension of the Private Mortgage Insurance Deduction?

The tax deduction on private mortgage insurance has been bounced around like hot potato ever since 2007. The problem with the lack of predictability in tax deductibility of mortgage insurance is that when people are make decision on which of the four types of mortgage insurance they want on their loan, it’s typically with long term […]

19 March

If You’re Going to Claim to “Owner Occupy” Your Home, You Better Mean It

More and more, people are finding that their intent to occupy a home when getting a mortgage may not mean what they think it means.  More and more, loan officers are also finding out that it may not mean what they think it means.  One of the Mortgage Loan Officer national testing questions asked what […]

18 February

Fannie Mae Requirements for Investor and Second Home Borrowers with Five to Ten Financed Properties

Most lenders will restrict the number of properties an investor can finance to a total of four properties.  This restriction was recently loosened to allow for up to ten financed properties.  There are unique restrictions regarding credit score, Loan to Value (or LTV) and reserve requirements that make getting them funded very difficult. Here are […]

18 January

The Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction is Back

A time ago, we had written about the “on again and off again” itemized deductibility of private mortgage insurance.  It’s been a real saga.  Let’s do a little history: In 2007, congress passes the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act which allowed qualified private mortgage insurance to be wholly or partially deducted in accordance with IRS […]

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